South Downs Way Double

Cycle 200 miles, climb 22,000ft and open 200 gates in under 24 hours

For thousands of years, people have been crossing the South Downs using nothing but the power of their own two legs and in all that time, every traveller has been looking for the easiest route: what’s the quickest way over the next hill – around it, over it, or across its flanks? Eventually, out of all those small, individual decisions a trail emerged, worn into the chalk over countless journeys.

The end result of all those collective decisions and knowledge is the South Downs Way.

Of course, of all those people over all those years, someone’s got to have made the quickest journey, there-and-back. Nowadays, that’s going to be someone riding a bike.

200 miles (there and back). 24 hours to do it in. It’s that simple.

Unbelievable ride by Bill and he is just 15 years old!!

Bill Balding – 17h 45m 11s on the 14th September 2019. What can I say, the second fastest time to date and Bill is just 15 years old. What potential this young lad has, a future outright record holder perhaps? Check out Bills Strava ride In Bills words: So the reason...

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Epic ride by Justin and Tim for a good cause

Justin Carrick and Tim Jones – 30h 1m on the 13th July 2019. A personal challenge for Justin and Tim makes for an adventure of a lifetime. In Justin's words: What an adventure that was! Am elated to have completed this challenge, and amazed I did! At around this time...

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Congratulations to Ultan Coyle

Ultan Coyle - 17h 51m 54s on the 24th September 2018. Ultan puts in a cracking effort with the 3rd fastest time to date! Strava Link:

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Current record holder
Ian Leitch

15 hours 35 minutes

Hall of Fame

All ride times and records for the South Downs Way Double.

The route

Maps, Distances, Timing, GPS data and water sources.

Trying the Double

Advice and tips on your preperation for the double.


Advice and tips on your preperation for the double.