Public taps along the South Downs Way

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LocationDist from Winchester on Classic route. (Add 2.3m for Current route)Dist to previous tapComments
Lomer Farm Cottages10.2miles/16.4kmN/AJust as you exit the farm at the corner of the right turn.
Meon Springs Fly Fishery15.3miles/24.6km5.1miles/8.2kmTap is on the left when heading east bound.
This tap is maintained by the Fishery and is UV treated (i.e. without chemicals). They are very sportive of the Double and confirmed the tap is always on.
There is a selection of snacks and drinks in the fishing lodge. Opening times are 8am till 7pm or dusk, whichever is soonest.
Sustainability Centre18.4miles/29.1km3.1miles/7.1kmOn the right hand side looking at the Sustainability Centre from the road. X marks the spot. Image of the Tap.
Queen Elizabeth Country Park21.8miles/35.1km3.4miles/5.5kmNext to cafe courtyard. There is also a backup tap on the back wall of the kitchen.
Cocking34.8miles/56km13miles/20.9kmTap is on stone pillar with steps beside farm building where SDW joins surfaced road to Hill Barn farm 400m east of A286. Note the mention of Buriton farm on the sign as being 4 miles west is incorrect, this burnt down a few years ago. Queen Elizabeth Country Park is the next tap west bound.
Cadence Club Upwaltham39.8miles/64km5miles/8kmTap is on the right when heading east bound, on the wall to the right when looking at the café serving hatch. Not immediately visible see image.
Food available when the café is open, times can be found here:
Amberley45.9miles/73.9miles6.1miles/9.82kmTap above trough and easily visible, Approx. 500m west of B2139.
Washington52.2miles/84km6.3miles/10.14kmTap is set slightly back from trail on south side of tarmac drive to A24, opposite the houses. Easy to spot on left when heading west, however when heading east easy to overshoot due to downhill. Google Street view available.
Botolphs58.9miles/94.8km6.7miles/10.8kmOn west side of A283. Tap is above trough under trees.
YHA Truleigh Hill Hostel60.7miles/97.7km1.8miles/2.9kmTap is on wall on left when facing the entrance of the YHA.
Saddlescombe64.4miles/103.65km3.7miles/5.95kmOn the north of the farm buildings. May be turned off during cold weather between November and March to prevent freezing.
Housedean Farm74.2miles/119.4km9.8miles/15.8kmOn flint wall to the east of Housedean Farm entrance. May be turned off on cold frosty nights.
Southease church80.6miles/129.7km6.4miles/10.3kmTap on church wall by the bench. Easy to fly by when heading eastbound. Google Street view available.
Southease Emergency81.3miles/130.8kmEmergency tap, just off the South Downs Way, on the old route in fact prior to the addition of the foot bridge. Google Street view available.
Cadence Club Litlington90miles/144.8kmEmergency tap, just off the South Downs Way. Tool Station also available 24/7.
Food available when the café is open, times can be found here:
Jevington Church91.9miles/147.9km11.3mile/18.2kmTap is on path leading to church entrance. Google Street view available.