David Carr – 22h 28m 35s on the 8th September 2018. David was bored of riding the South Downs Way just one way, so it was time for the Double!

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In David’s words:

I decided to do the double because in the past I had completed the single on numerous occasions (best time of 9hours 14mins unsupported) and wanted more of a challenge. I decided to do the double this time because it was a training ride for WEMBO, which I completed the following month (and came third in my category). I began my ride just after midnight on the Saturday so that I would have the most amount of daylight possible and I new the first section of the route really well as it is part of my regular cycling. I was riding my Giant Anthem pro and using Vittoria Mezcal tyres. Throughout the ride I was fuelled by Torq products and water. I was lucky with the weather as it was mild and dry, and had been for a few days. My turn around time at Eastbourne was just over 10 hours which I was pleased with. I was hoping to complete the ride in under 24hours so I was chuffed with 22 hours 28mins. I have completed many 24 hour races in the past and found the SDW double harder than most of them although my most difficult race was to come – WEMBO.